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If you’d like to volunteer to lay trail please email the Hare Razor at
We generally Hash every other Saturday—late afternoon in warm months and early afternoon in cold months.

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BH3 #717 – 11/8 – The No F*cking Theme Hash

What:  The No Fucking Theme Hash - Let's stop pretending we're Weird-Ball going through his mom's closet and just dress like a bunch of half-mind hashers.When:   11/8 @ 1:69 HST (that's an hour earlier than recent hashes because boobs and balls look...

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Thanksgiving Hash

WHAT:  Hash Thanksgiving 2014 – Feast, football, trail etc.  Giant TV for football.  Semi-pro kitchen for the cooks.  We’ll have a big turkey and some other stuff but sides and dessert are potluck.  Please coordinate with the hare.  NEW...

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[BH3] Halloween Trail Sat 10/25

What:  It's Halloween.  Let's put our heads in pumpkins and run around naked! Wear:  A Halloween costume.  The sluttier and scarier, the better. When:  Saturday October 25th @ 2:69 HST (aka 3:09 MST)Where:...

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Be Aware of Breasts

What:  It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Hashers don't NEED to be reminded about breasts but we can always learn more. So let's run around and remind people to get drunk and feel themselves up.Wear:  Ladies wear Pink (for lady-boob...

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Boulder Hash #714 – 9/27 @1:69 HST – Keepin’ it Weird

What:  As the conventional wisdom goes:  People from Denver think people from Boulder are weird, but people from Boulder think people from Ned are *really* weird.  In that spirit let's venture up into the patchouli-scented mountains of our neighbors to the west so...

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BH3 #712 – Rock and Rain Hash

What: Rock and Rain Labor Sunday Hash When: Sunday August 31st at 3pm Where: Marshall Mesa Trailhead, Yes, Head. Hare: Pippi Hash Cash: five bucks Bring: A rain slicker, boom box, Hammer pants, crop top, change of clothes, virgins, cammo paint, umbrella and your...

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[BH3] Emergency hash!

Hey wankers, we have a void in hashing this weekend. UNACCEPTABLE! So, I propose we have an emergency hash to fill our empty weekend. What: Boulder emergency hash When: 3pm Saturday Where: Manhattan Middle School Hares: Beano ++ Hash Cash: $5 Bring: A whistle,...

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[BH3] Fully Mooned Hash in Fort Collins Saturday Night 8/9

Hares: Yeast Infection and Fatal if Swallowed, live haring 'cause that's how we roll What: Fully Mooned Hash #?? Where: Starting from William Oliver's, 2608 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525, next door to the King Sooper's, just south of Drake/Timberline When:...

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BH3 #708 – Tour De Franzia

What: BH3 #708 - Tour De Franzia (NOT A BASH, you will be on foot) When: Saturday July 19th 2PM Where: north most parking lot along Stazio Drive near Gerald Stazio Softball Fields Stazio Dr, Boulder, CO 80301 Hare: Mach 1.Whore Monies: $5 Bring: ALL THE SPANDEX,...

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[BH3] BH3 #707

What: BH3 #707 - The 'Merca Hash When: SUNDAY July 6th at 5pm  Where: Gunbarrel, Colorado! Vindication Brewery 6880 Winchester Court Unit F Hares: Goats Gone Wild && Just Barry [720-971-4049] Hash Cash: $5 (plus some cash for the bar) Bring: ID, Red Cocks,...

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BH3 #706: No Man’s land

What: BH3 #706 - The When: Saturday 21st 6pm sharp-ishWhere: Golden, Colorado! Jeff Co Light Rail station (100 Jefferson County PkwyGolden, CO 80419)Hares: Beano && Five Finger Cunt PunchHash Cash: $5Bring: ID, Sunblock, Whistle, your beer drinking...

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What: TOGA HASH + Memorial Day Bolder Boulder Interruption When: Start 9 AM on MONDAY 5/26. This should give you racists enough time to r*n your silly race and meet us. The pack will kindly mark trail, so if you are a little late then follow the flour. Where: Howard...

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