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Hello Everyone-
Closest Dick’ll Do has found a substitute close dick to be her co-hare. 🙂

Who: Closest Dick’ll Do and Just Grant
What: Just Hash
Hash Cash: 5$
Where: Ebin G. Fine Park, BoCo
D’erections: Do you really need these?! Its a popular place; you’ve been here before.
Walkers/bikers: Get on the Boulder Creek Path. Head towards mountains. Stop when you see a shelter and a bathroom. I made sure to start beside a playground, for Amber.
Cars: Get on Arapahoe. Head towards mountains. Park. Walk towards shelter and bathroom.
When: Saturday 10/24
Time: 3PM. Attempting to avoid the cold darkness.
Furthur info: Pre-lube at the park. A to A. Bring circle warmth for when the cold darkness inevitably cums. Also bring: cranium lamps, solemn odes to Bear 317 (or was it 369?!), virgins, Beano, Beano’s DAD, raccoon defense gear, anything you find both funny and useless. Itches from Bitches and dogs are welcome.
On after at Pearl/downtown.

On On!
Closest Dick’ll Do and Just Grant
CDD: 720-323-4760