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WHEN: 10/31/2015 at 03:09PM

WHERE: Lady Dayz & All American’s Place

HARES: Liza’s Lady Dayz and All American Cum Stain


Halloween is on a hashing day. So why not hash? Get out your skanky and clever costumes and run around town and make people feel bad for eating candy all month. Also bring a dish to pass if you’d like to enjoy our housewarming party after the hash. Then, maybe, we’ll go out to pearl street and see if the undergrads dressed sluttier than us.

HASH CASH: 5 doll hairs




Hashit (Amber and I forget who else), foods, warm hugs, a negative attitude, angry comments about the new website, used underwear.


We are between Walnut and Canyon on 23rd Street. There are parking lots all around us but most of them people get mad at you if you park in them. So just read the signs and/or park on our, or surrounding, streets.


Lady Dayz can be reached at 585-687-8552 and/or Cum Stain can be reached with your fingers.


Anyone needing to crash is welcome to. We have new carpets. Dog friendly. Somewhat stroller friendly. If you look at the website today, keep in mind it is not complete till the launch. I am getting drunk this afternoon instead of working on it. Suck it.

Liza’s Lady Dayz