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If you’d like to volunteer to lay trail please email the Hare Razor at
We generally Hash every other Saturday—late afternoon in warm months and early afternoon in cold months.

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Please only post Boulder hashes here. Check out the Colorado H3 site to see info for kennels across the state.

  • *This will automagically be posted to this website, emailed to the BH3 mailing list, tweeted to the BH3 Twitter within an hour of you submitting this form.
  • DO NOT CREATE A FACEBOOK EVENT. Facebook is weird and only allows group administrators to invite the entire BH3 Facebook Group to an event. So once this is posted on the website, one of the administrators will eventually create the event on Facebook if they aren't too drunk.
  • For help, email the Hash Nerd at
Keep this brief—save the detailed instructions for the D'erections and Google Maps URL boxes below.
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THEME — Is there a certain theme/celebration/some third thing or are we just getting hammered?
BRING — Hashshit (who has it?), ID, food, booze, headlamp, virgins, Beano’s Mom, fleshlight, etc.
OTHER — Prelube, on-after, hash crash, dog/stroller friendly, turkey/eagle, funny story about your VD, etc.
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Usually $7
D'erections, parking, carpooling, DD's, etc.
Preferably your Hash name, for obvious reasons.
Phone number(s) or email(s) of Hares.
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5th ANAL Boulder GDR

Due to conflict with Frozen Dead Guy Days the GDR date has changed to 15 March.What: Boulder 4th Anal Green Dress Run.When:  March 15th, at 3:30 pm.  Prelube at 3:00 pm.Where: The Pearl St. Pub in BoulderHares:  Pubic Enemy #1, Beano, and David CockerfieldHash Cash:...

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Frozen Mardi Dead Hash Gras!

What: Frozen Dead Guy Days Hash!When: Sunday, March 9th at 11amWhere: Beautiful Nederland, Colorado. Meet at the Carousel of Happiness.Hares: Pippi Dong StalkerHash Cash: $5 and bring your ID!Bring: Your ID, clearly. Also, bring beads and boobs, virgins and dry socks....

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Boulder ramp up to Mardi Gras hash! #695 What: It's almost Mardi Gras so we should revel in debauchery.  When: Tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd at 3pm. Where: Iris Fields: 1536 Jennine Place Boulder, CO 80304 (basically, 16th and Iris)   Hares: It's a secret...   Hash...

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[BH3] Race to the Altar Hash!

What: Race to the Altar Hash!  Chocolate Salty Balls and Love at First Lick with be getting Civil Unioned... Civil Unionized.. (Colorado Gay Married) on Valentine's Day!  Come and celebrate our last Saturday as single ladies!  When: This Saturday, February 8th,...

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What:  Special Edition Boulder Hash - Let's have our own pre-game show before the game on Sunday and then convene to a bar to watch the game and devise creative ways for Bruno Mars to meet with an untimely but justifiable death during the half time show.  This...

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Bronco Hash 1/25 @ 2

GOOOOO Broncos Hash!What: We are Super Sportsball Fans!When: This Saturday, January 25th at precisely 2 o'cockishWhere: Bobolink Trailhead, Gapter Rd CO 80303Hares: Mach 1. Whore and Pippi Hash Cash: Five bucksBring: All your orange Bronco loving garb. Those boys are...

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Boulder Hangover Hash 2014

Finish your last beer and wipe off that marker on your face. It's time for the hangover hash!What: BH3 Hangover Hash #690Where: Martin Park (Fordam ct and S 36 st)When: Crack o' Noon 1 Jan 2014Why: Hare of the dog is the best hangover cureHares: Beano and David...

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Boulder Hash #689 – Saturday 12/21

What:  There will be a Hash tomorrow hared by Goats-Gone-Wild who is able to make it after all.When:  12/21 @ 1:69 HST  (2:09)Where:  Blues and Greens  Goats Gone WildHash Cash:  $5Bring:  White surrender flags, For Sale or Sold...

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BH3 #688: Let’s get kilted!

What:  Let's get Kilted!  In celebration of the kilt calendar, we shall have a kilt hash!  Come dressed to impress!When:  Saturday, December 7th at 2pmWhere:  Red Rocks trail in Boulder (at the junction of Pearl Street and Canyon)Hares:  Holester, Pubic Enemy No 1 and...

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What: Holidaze III post x-mass, pre-valentines day, freeze your ass off in the forest hash weekend.Where: Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Reverends Ridge campground, Golden COWhen: Friday Jan 10 - Sunday 12Hares: TBDCost: $50 til Oct 31         $60 til Nov 30       ...

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Kness Up & Chinwhacker have graciously ceded the Thanksgiving hash to Mother Ducker & Jorgia OH! Queef.  Here's the details again for those who don't check the websites:WHAT:  Thanksgiving Orphans' Hash = Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner, Post-prandial hash,...

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Thanksgiving Orphans’ Hash

PLEASE GET THIS POSTED ASAP!WHAT:  Thanksgiving Orphans’ Hash = Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner, Post-prandial hash, Football on giant TV etc.  Plenty of crash space + breakfast so no worries about driving home.WHERE:  The dwelling of Mother Ducker & Jorgia OH! Queef...

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[BH3] Boulder Hash #686 – Saturday 11/9 @ 2:69HST

Greetings wankers!  With the costume season behind us, let's do something crazy and hash dressed up as our abnormal half-mind selves.  What:  Just another no-theme shitty hash. When:  11/9  @ 2:69PM (aka 3:09)Where:  North Boulder Park.  Parking at the corner of...

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Bada in Arvada – Denver hash Cross Promo

It's time for the Bada.  The current forecast is for a nice afternoon, but that just means that the mud will be great.  We have a beer benefactor.  He will remain nameless for now but will be acknowledged in circle and made to drink.  HASH CASH IS REDUCED TO $2.  Come...

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