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WHEN: 06/18/2016 at 05:09PM

WHERE: The Old Hospital on Mapleton (click to view on Google Maps)

HARES: RU Cummingonite (because I’m wet) and Liza’s Lady Dayz (time of the month? pshh, who cares)


It’s practically summer and it’s going to be 90+ degrees. So don your sexy beachwear (swim trunks, bikinis, nothing at all) and come join us as we traverse Boulder’s many creeks and ditches packed to the brim with titillating crisp snow melt. Also, a wet t-shirt contest!

Since this is almost entirely water crossings, Brrrggghhhhh need not cum. Same for Beano’s Mom… she’s wet enough as is.





Our ONE AND ONLY Hashit, arm floaties, virgins, sexy pool boys, Baywatch impressions, sweater puppets.

WHITE T-SHIRTS & SQUIRT GUNS: Post-Hash, the wetness continues with a WET T-SHIRT CONTEST!!!!! Pop of your top and pop on your tee (or just stop at the no top part, your call). If anyone has squirt guns, that’d be nice to bring. Judged and starring our resident tittie expert: Southern Generositities. If she’s not there, pointiest nipps win.


The old Hospital is by Mapleton and 4th. Enter the parking lot at 4th and Maxwell (block north of Mapleton).

We’ll be at the old child rehab center at the very top of the hill where they used to send Amber’s former encounters. Check it out on the Google Maps link. It’s a little tricky but there is a semi-hidden road with a switchback off the parking lot that’ll take you up there. Plenty-o-parking.


Definitely not stroller friendly but if you really want you can run parallel to a good amount of the trail. Will tell ya where to go.

Pups are good if they enjoy water and shiggy which, I know, most of your dergs hate. Some water will be deep and swift (just like Beano’s Mom) so keep that in mind for animals (and yourself).

CONTACT: five eight five – six eight seven – eight five five two

Dr. Dayz