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WHEN: 05/21/2016 at 03:00PM

WHERE: Wapos Mexican Cocina (click to view on Google Maps)

HARES: Cockbuster Video and Snoral (Virgin Lay!!!!)


Since none of us are as pure as Snoral, put on your human sized condoms, and cum to the easiest, laziest Boulder hash! Don’t have a human size condom as they are expensive and hard to get? (£24.99) Then make one out of plastic grocery bags! Don’t have plastic grocery bags because they’re expensive and hard to get in Boulder? Wear your hippy skippy reusable Whole Foods flax bags! If you don’t dress up you can volunteer to be tea bagged by Weird Ball as he dances naked in the Franzia rain. All booze checks will be bags of booze checks.

And now for your reading pleasure, here is the story of how Snoral came to be:
Once upon a time, 2 very nice people got very drunk and had unprotected sex. A very nice little girl was born from that encounter. Little did anyone know that she was cursed to grow up to be a filthy hasher, and keep company with people named Amber Alert, Cum Stain, and worse of all…. Lady Days! Lesson to take away? Protect your junk the way Lady Days protects Snoral from the rest of us hashers. If you don’t, your daughter just might grow up and end up in Cockbuster’s low budget sleeping oral awkward video. 🙂

TLDR: dress in bags; consume bags of booze





Bring an ID, Virgins, Bus Stop Pass, a thirst for bagged booze, and Beano’s Mom & friends.


Just walk out of the strip club you are in and go next door


Cockbuster eats farts

CONTACT: Seriously, he eats them with a spoon
Cockbuster Video (with immense editing by Closest)