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Holidaze 2017

Friday, January 12th - Sunday, January 14th at the Estes Park YMCA
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Friday, January 27th at 6pm until Sunday, January 29th at 10am. Keep an eye on the Facebook event – we have hopes for an earlier check in!


NEW LOCATION! Estes Park YMCA. 2515 Tunnel Road, Estes Park, Colorado, 80511


42 hashers. One 8 bedroom (and bathroom!) cabin. And all the crazy fun shenanigans we’ve come to expect from a BH3 campout. Unfortunately the maximum capacity is 42 humans, and 0 pets. I repeat, no fur babies; no dogs. ☹ We are taking glamping to a whole new level this year! Instead of separate cabins and peeing in the snow, we are in 1 large 8 bedroom “cabin”, complete with a kitchen, and yes, each bedroom has its own shower and toilet.

What to Bring

The rooms include bedding so no need for sleeping bags or pillows. Please bring enough food to keep you alive for the duration of the weekend. The cabin has 1 kitchen for all 42 of us, so it would be great if the rooms worked together to plan meals that take less kitchen space. You may also want to bring your own crockpots, hotplates, or camping grills to be used outside. Also, bring warm clothes, hashing attire, etc. Bring theme and drink to share for Friday night.

Hash Cash / Payment

$85 gets you kegs of good beer/cider for the weekend, plus whatever the hares stick you with on trail. The hash does NOT provide any food. You will also get a super cool Holidaze-themed patch!

Group Activities

Friday night we will do some variation of a cabin crawl. Like years past, the different rooms will have themes and each will serve us alcohol! Unlike last year, we aren’t going to try and fit 42 people in 1 room. Therefore, people will just need to wander about the cabin in an unorganized fashion and everything will work out just fine.

Saturday night will not have an official event, but cooking, drinking, and socializing will definitely occur. We are all in the same house so you are never far from the action. Bring games that are fun in large groups. There will be no white elephant this year.

YMCA Free Activities (weather and drunkenness permitting): Disc Golf, Indoor Pool, Horseshoes, Ice Skating, mini golf, yoga…many more.


Pester Closet Dick’ll Do with your questions at









Welcome Hash by Tiny Whiny Bitch and Tiny Penguin Load
Midnight Naked Hash by Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick
Main Trail by Lil’ Miss Muffet, Cockbuster Video and Pippi Dong Stalker
Fat-Boy Trail (concurrent with main trail) by Tiny Whiny Bitch
Midnight Naked Hash by Amber Alert
Check-out. This will suck

Holidaze Location | YMCA of the Rockies