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Holidaze Registration


 Please read all the info below regarding registration.

This page is to reserve a bed and pay for your registration. Pester Closet Dick’ll Do with questions at Habedashery info will be shared at a later date. Click here to read more about the Holidaze weekend itself.

Pick a room, then pick a bed:

  • Rooms 1-7 hold 5 people with 2 queen beds and 1 futon
  • Room 8 holds 7 with 3 bunk beds and 1 futon


  • $170 for 2 regos and a queen bed (Rooms 1-7)
  • $85 for 1 rego and a futon (Rooms 1-8) or a top/bottom bunk (Room 8)

In Stock vs. Out of Stock:

  • If all the bed types have been taken from a room it will be listed as “Out of Stock”
  • If it is “Out of Stock” check for beds in other rooms

Reserving a whole room:

  • To reserve an entire room simply select a room and add each bed from a room to your cart
  • Then decide with your roommates how they’ll pay you back (probably oral)

Once you have made your selections click here to proceed to checkout. Please let us know who you are booking for in the notes section provided during checkout.