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If you’d like to volunteer to lay trail please email the Hare Razor at
We generally Hash every other Saturday—late afternoon in warm months and early afternoon in cold months.

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  • For help, email the Hash Nerd at
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Sunday Stupid Bowl Hash

Stupid Bowl HashDate: 3rd of February, Super Bowl Sunday!!Where: Connor O'Neill's (1922 13th St, Boulder, CO)Time: The hares are off at 1pm, so get there early for some pre-lubing.Hares: Cockchester and Pippi Dong StalkerBring: All your virgins, Football attire-no...

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The Um-teenth anal Hangover Hash

It's that time of the year again. Get plastered, stumble out of bed reach, get your sober friend to drive your sorry bum to some park, and reach for the first mimosa you see. All so you can do it all over a second time.That's right it's time for the hangover hash! at...

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END O’ THE WORLD HASH – Friday, 21 Dec

What: END O' THE WORLD HASH! Yes folks, as we all know the END OF THE FIFTH SUN OF THE MAYAN CALENDAR is on the Winter Solstice THIS YEAR! As new-age prophets and seers keep telling us (it's gotta be true) ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AND WE ARE ALL DOOMED! Nothing will...

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[BH3] Holidaze! Holidaze! Holidaze!

There is still time to register for Holidaze West: Boulder Snash & Crash. Register here: What: Holidaze Snowshoe Hash When: January 11th - 13th Where: Golden Gate Canyon State Park Hares: Beano & Lil Miss Muffet Rego: $39.69...

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BH3 #660 – TBTFT 2012

From Blue LipsHey Hash elves! Yes, there will be a TbTfT this year!!!Saturday, December 8 at 3 PM!!!  This is a BH3 hash, and BH3 is now on Saturday! Gift wrap party to follow at the usual location (for all you regulars!) Casa de BlueLips and GQ if...

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Emergency Hump Day Hash November 14th!!

What: Hash #658.69 on Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!Why: Because I Blow is in town.Where: Dork House 2922 Baseline Road Boulder, COWhen: 6pm-ish Hare's out probably at 6:30 or whenever they finish their beer...Hares: Beano and other special haresBring: $7, virgins,...

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