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If you’d like to volunteer to lay trail please email the Hare Razor at
We generally Hash every other Saturday—late afternoon in warm months and early afternoon in cold months.

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Please only post Boulder hashes here. Check out the Colorado H3 site to see info for kennels across the state.

  • *This will automagically be posted to this website, emailed to the BH3 mailing list, tweeted to the BH3 Twitter within an hour of you submitting this form.
  • DO NOT CREATE A FACEBOOK EVENT. Facebook is weird and only allows group administrators to invite the entire BH3 Facebook Group to an event. So once this is posted on the website, one of the administrators will eventually create the event on Facebook if they aren't too drunk.
  • For help, email the Hash Nerd at
Keep this brief—save the detailed instructions for the D'erections and Google Maps URL boxes below.
Simply click where to meet on Google Maps then copy and paste the URL here.
THEME — Is there a certain theme/celebration/some third thing or are we just getting hammered?
BRING — Hashshit (who has it?), ID, food, booze, headlamp, virgins, Beano’s Mom, fleshlight, etc.
OTHER — Prelube, on-after, hash crash, dog/stroller friendly, turkey/eagle, funny story about your VD, etc.
Upload a photo to be associated with this trail.
Usually $7
D'erections, parking, carpooling, DD's, etc.
Preferably your Hash name, for obvious reasons.
Phone number(s) or email(s) of Hares.
reCAPTCHA is required.

Hash: Wet at Both Ends and In the Middle

What:  Boulder Hash Number 677When:  Saturday August 3rd, 6 PM SHARP start, 5 PM for PrelubeWhere:  Starts at the Odd13 Brewing Company,301 East Simpson StreetLafayette, CO 80026Prelube: If you're not already totally lubed up from G4's Happi Coat...

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Christmas in July Hash

What: Christmas in July HashWhen: Saturday, July 20th @ 2pmWhere: Asher Brewing: 4699 Nautilus Court, Suite 104, Boulder, CO 80301Prelube: If we start at a brewery, might as well prelube there too. Prelube at 1.On-After: Celestial Seasonings Tea Room perhaps...Hares:...

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Your plans for Saturday

What: Holy Red White and Blue Balls! It's time for just Ryan's first haring adventure.When: Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 6:00pm. Hares depart at 6:00, if you want to prelube - arrive early.Where: Safeway plaza on the southwest corner of Baseline & Foothills. Park...

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Just a normal hash this time

What: Another hash, another dayWhen:  Saturday 22 June @ 6pmWhere:  Staples Parking lot on 29th and Slap-a-hoe (1601 29th St #1292, Boulder, CO)Hares:  Beano and friendsBring:  Hash Cash, sunscreen, the Hashit, the bugle, naughty mags to keep you...

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BoulderH3 Next Trail this Saturday 6/8 @ 1:69HST

What: Closest Dick'll Do's Virgin LayWhen:  Saturday 6/8 @ 1:69HST (2:15ish)Where:  Boulder!   Trailhead on Lee Hill Dr near the intersection with 5th St  (look for the drunk prairie dogs) Hares:  the freshly named: Closest...

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Dust off your togas, it's time to run around the Bolder Boulder!What: BH3 1st Anal Toga HashWhen: Hares out at 9:00am (yes you read that right, it's during the Bolder Boulder) Monday, 27 May 2013, Memorial Day!Where: Safeway parking lot on 3325 28th Street.Hares:...

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Boulder Pick-Up Hash – Saturday 4/27

What:  Boulder Hash #470.  It's a pick-up hash.  For those unfamiliar with the concept, hounds volunteer to take turns as hares and lay trail for as long or short as they feel.  When the pack catches up, another hare is chosen, each hare getting...

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BH3 Trail #669 – 69 Hash with special guest hare

What: BH3 Trail #669 - 69 Hash with special guest hare Hares: 3Ball Jay, ManHandler, Cervical Headbanger and Guest Hare Tequila Cocking Bird aka Ms InterAm from Eugene H3!!!When: SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY April 14th at 2:30! (Due to the high maintenance nature of Ms....

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Pippi’s Birthday Hangover Hash

**Special  Hash**What: Pippi's Birthday Hangover HashWhen: March 30th at 10:30am. I know it's early. But I want you hungover, and I will feed you brunch. Where: Parkside Park, Boulder, CO 80304 (Google it.)Hares: The Birthday Girl and Amber AlertHash Cash: $5...

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Hold onto your socks, the 666 hash is finally here!

Holy hell-fire and sh!t, we've finally made it! The Boulder hash is celebrating it's Six Hundredth and Sixty-Sixth hash! (That's 666 for you half minds)What does that mean? Well it means we're going to have one hell of a party! Along with some...

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BH3 #665 – Sci-Fi Hash – Saturday, 2/16 @ 3 pm

What:  Boulder H3 # 665 - The Sci-Fi HashWhen:  Saturday, February 16th @ 3 pmWhere:  Northmoor Park, Broomfield, CO. There's a parking lot at the southeast corner, off E. 13th Ave.The nearest cross streets are Cedar and Cottonwood.Hares:...

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Sunday Stupid Bowl Hash

Stupid Bowl HashDate: 3rd of February, Super Bowl Sunday!!Where: Connor O'Neill's (1922 13th St, Boulder, CO)Time: The hares are off at 1pm, so get there early for some pre-lubing.Hares: Cockchester and Pippi Dong StalkerBring: All your virgins, Football attire-no...

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The Um-teenth anal Hangover Hash

It's that time of the year again. Get plastered, stumble out of bed reach, get your sober friend to drive your sorry bum to some park, and reach for the first mimosa you see. All so you can do it all over a second time.That's right it's time for the hangover hash! at...

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