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If you’d like to volunteer to lay trail please email the Hare Razor at
We generally Hash every other Saturday—late afternoon in warm months and early afternoon in cold months.

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Please only post Boulder hashes here. Check out the Colorado H3 site to see info for kennels across the state.

  • *This will automagically be posted to this website, emailed to the BH3 mailing list, tweeted to the BH3 Twitter within an hour of you submitting this form.
  • DO NOT CREATE A FACEBOOK EVENT. Facebook is weird and only allows group administrators to invite the entire BH3 Facebook Group to an event. So once this is posted on the website, one of the administrators will eventually create the event on Facebook if they aren't too drunk.
  • For help, email the Hash Nerd at
Keep this brief—save the detailed instructions for the D'erections and Google Maps URL boxes below.
Simply click where to meet on Google Maps then copy and paste the URL here.
THEME — Is there a certain theme/celebration/some third thing or are we just getting hammered?
BRING — Hashshit (who has it?), ID, food, booze, headlamp, virgins, Beano’s Mom, fleshlight, etc.
OTHER — Prelube, on-after, hash crash, dog/stroller friendly, turkey/eagle, funny story about your VD, etc.
Upload a photo to be associated with this trail.
Usually $7
D'erections, parking, carpooling, DD's, etc.
Preferably your Hash name, for obvious reasons.
Phone number(s) or email(s) of Hares.
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[BH3] Boulder H3 Green Dress Hash! – 3/17 @ 5:69

What:  Boulder's Anal St. Patty's Day Green Dress HashWhen:  3/17 - Tuesday - St. Patrick's Day @ 5:69 HST (6:09 MST)Where:  The Attic - 949 Walnut St, Boulder - UpstairsHares:  Amber Alert and CockchesterHash Cash:  5 DollaBring:  Your sexy self poured...

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BH3 #729 – Saturday 2/28 @ 2:00

Boulder Hash #729When: Sat, Feb 28. 2 pmStart : Bob Berger Rec Center, Lafayette, Co. back lot, the pavillion by the skate rink.Bring $5, cash and ID, shag bag, virginsHares: Muffet and...

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[BH3] Mardi Gracias Hash: Fat Tuesday!! 2/17

What: It's the last party before Lent!! It's also a Tuesday night hash celebrating Mardi Gras, Boobies, King Cake, New Orleans, Beer, and Virgins, all with a Mexican twist. When: This Tuesday, February 17th at 6:30pm. Where: Start location is the top of the...

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Hash This Saturday 2/14

Shades of Grey Hash (Hashing on VD to get a VD) You wanted a valentine's day themed hash, eh?  Well fuck you and your lame ass holiday.  This is hashing.  Bring nipple clamps, butt plugs (Cockchester we know you have one), fine leather, that dildo sword from 7even,...

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Fwd: [BH3] The hash goes on a panty raid

What: Imagine you were Amber Alert running through a preschool playground…or Amber any day of the week. Now imagine you're running through that same schoolyard, but all the children are of legal age! That fantasy is precisely what Saturday's trail will provide. We can...

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[BH3] BH3 Trail #726 – Burns Night Hash

What: January 25th is the birthday of Robert Burns, the famous 18th century Scottish poet, and is the day for Burns Night celebrations in honor of his life, poetry and songs (he wrote "Auld Lang Syne", among many others). So let's celebrate by running a trail in...

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BH3 Trail #725 – The January 17th Hash

Ok wankers. Time to shake off your Holidaze blues and get your arses to this Saturday's trail.Ingenious title:  The January 17th Hash.Cum as yourself.Start time:  1:69 pm.Hash cash:  5 Doll HairsLocation: FATE Brewing Co. 1600 38th Street, Boulder.Food served til 10....

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What:Holidaze V - our annual romp through the frozen forest.When: Jan 9 - 11, 2015Where: Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Reverends Ridge Campground - same place its been for the past five yearsHares: TDBCost: $35 now - Oct 31, $45 Nov 1- Dec 31, $50 till day ofPay...

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Naughty Holiday Celebration – Trail #721

Me Mee Meee!!!!!Lacy things....the wife is missin'Didn't ask.....her permissionI'm wearin' her clothes.Her silk pantyhose.Walkin' around in womens' underwear....Get your hashmas songs in order for THE LAST BH3 trail of the year! Saturday's evening trail (on 12/20/14)...

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[BH3] BH3 #720

Since All-American Cumstain only knows about Facebook, not anything so old fashioned as email or webpages, I'll forward this announcement: ==================== Who knew Hashers were bad at organizing shit? Well, come by for a pickup hash this Saturday at 1:69. For...

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[BH3] BH3 #719 – 11/28 – Black Friday Hangover Hash

What: I know most of you will still be in a haze of tryptophan and family overdose, so the hares will take it real easy on you. There is no theme. There are no water crossings, no snow or ice, and best of all no beer. Wait!? What?! Just kidding. There will be all the...

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BH3 #717 – 11/8 – The No F*cking Theme Hash

What:  The No Fucking Theme Hash - Let's stop pretending we're Weird-Ball going through his mom's closet and just dress like a bunch of half-mind hashers.When:   11/8 @ 1:69 HST (that's an hour earlier than recent hashes because boobs and balls...

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Thanksgiving Hash

WHAT:  Hash Thanksgiving 2014 – Feast, football, trail etc.  Giant TV for football.  Semi-pro kitchen for the cooks.  We’ll have a big turkey and some other stuff but sides and dessert are potluck.  Please coordinate with the hare.  NEW FOR THIS YEAR: Good heat...

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