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Start:11:00 AM August 10th

Theme: Breakfast of Champions! Come as your favorite Wheaties Box Athlete, real or imagined.  (Wear a glittery skating costume! A Speedo! Or be the fictional but infamous Torvald, the Pole-Vaulting Swede with his fake-fur headband and tiny, tiny shorts!) You may also wear your bikini from beach volleyball in preparation for  the afternoon’s hash in Denver.

Hare: Pippi Dong Stalker, Cockchester, Amber Alert

Where: Boulder Public Library: 1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO

Trail Overview: Trail will have no water crossings, very little mud, and no stinging nettle. There will be no hippies, homeless encampments, small dogs or terrorizing cyclists on the bike path. We are hoping to catch a glimpse the ghost of the Mapleton Elk.

D’erections: From Fart Collins: find your way to I-25, mosey all the way through Longmont on 119-The Mighty Diag, off at 28th street and make a left. R on Canyon, L on Broadway, R on Arapahoe. We are going to park towards the back of the lot.  (Google says it’s just over an hour from Ft. C to the library. Please be prompt, as we have beer to drink and a schedule to keep.)

Bring: Your Game Face, the Olympic Torch, and terrycloth sweatbands in patriotic stripes.  Plus your ID.
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