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03/19/2022 at 02:00PM

Knotted Root Brewing Company

RU Cummingtonite & Weird Ball Yank-a-dick


The triumphant return of Frozen Dead Guy Days!!!
Cum out for Seventh Anal Frozen Dead Guy Days Hash SLASH Green Dress Run! That’s right, it’s two themes for the price of one up in this bitch.

➔ 2 PM: Prelube at brewery begins
➔ 3 PM: Hares out
➔ 3:15 PM: Pack out

Bring: Green dresses, green shiggy socks, extra layers for circle, maybe a change of socks/shoes, virgins, bribes for when you get caught peeing on things, thirst for shitty beer, enthusiasm for frozen dead guys.

Dogs: not advised, but OK if leashed through the festival area. You won’t be able to get into a beer tent post-hash with a dog, though.

You do NOT need a beer tent ticket to participate in the hash. You will only need one if you want to go into the tents and party before or after the hash. Tent access is $25 this year.

Taking the bus is highly recommended!! FDGD parking is a shitshow. $2 off your hash cash if you take a bus! The NB bus goes from downtown Boulder transit center directly to Ned Park & Ride.
Departures from Downtown Boulder @ 10:10, 12:10, and 2:10. The earlier you arrive, the more fun you can have pre-hashing. Note, masks still required on RTD.

BusToShow will also be running shuttles, only $10 round-trip! Buses from downtown Denver & from the Millennium Harvest House. Bonus: you can drink and be as annoying as you want on this bus.


626-277-5655, 303-717-7994