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It’s almost campout time, regos are about to close (sign up now!), and it’s time to get ready for a crazy weekend in the woods.  A few final notes:

A few people will be heading out on Thursday to try and nab a prime location—when you (and the kegs) arrive on Friday, keep an eye out for hash signs pointing you to the right turn-off from the final dirt road in the directions.  If we need to resort to an alternate location, look for directions posted at the trailhead at the end of the dirt road.

There isn’t as much fallen wood available for the campfire as at last year’s location, so if everyone brings some firewood, that would be helpful. (Also, with the fire up in Ned. in mind, let’s keep the campfire under control, put it out fully at the end of the night, etc.)  And speaking of bringing things, a reminder that the hash will take care of your beer needs for the weekend, but you do need to bring your own food, water, tent, vessel, etc.  You also need to handle your own transportation out to the campsite, but carpooling is encouraged. (Save the earth, and keep the parking at camp from getting too full)  Take a look at the Who’s Cumming list, ask around, and see if you can find someone else to coordinate travel with.

See you all at camp!