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I am sad to have to share this news (not really) but it looks like it will not be the year of Chocolate and Love over in Boulder Flatlanders; We got some hares, baby!!

March has 2 dates taken! And while that is great, I need some help for the rest of the year. Following is the schedule, if there is anything you can take or if there is anything you would like to redo (Bastille Day, Pippi?) just hollar at your Chocolate ( and we will make it happen.

Thanks again to our current volunteers!

Remaining Saturday Trails

  • #380 – March 4th – MastaBurger
  • #381 – March 18th – CockBuster Video
  • #382 – April 1st
  • #383 – April 15th – The 2nd Anal Flatlander’s Great Easter Egg Hunt! – Chocolate Salty Balls

Then Friday Night Trails

  • #384 – May 5th and/or 19th
  • #385- June 2nd and/or 16th
  • #386 – July 7th and/or 21st
  • #387 – August 4th and/or 18th
  • #388 – September 8th – 3rd Annual G4 Memorial Hash – Chocolate Salty Balls & Friends
  • Other September Fridays welcome if anyone chooses!
  • #389 – October 13th (really, who is going to take another date when they can hare on Friday the 13th in October, but if you insist, just let me know)

And Back to Saturday Trails

  • #390 – November 11th and/or 25th – Maybe a turkey twat?
  • #391 – December 9th and/or 23rd

Chocolate Salty Balls