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10/28/2019 at 5:30pm


Top of parking garage at 15th & Pearl


RU Cummingtonite & Weird Ball Yank-a-dick


*This is a corrected version of the previously posted hash that was missing a description. Sorry for the extra e-mail!*

THEME: Just a check to the left and an on-on to the right / Put your running shoes and lace them up tight / But it’s the cans of beer that really get us drunk / Let’s run the Rocky Horror Hash again!

Put on your skankiest attire and do a short downtown hash before watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Boulder Theater!

If you’re going to watch Rocky Horror with us after the trail, you should get your ticket to the screening now, before they sell out. If you wait til the last minute, you may be sad:

Trail will be relatively short (probably ~3 miles) and walker-friendly. We will aim to get to Boulder Theater around 7:30 for the show at 8:00. For the sake of timing, trail will start fairly punctually – pack out around 5:45 – but if you need to cum later and meet up on trail, text Cummingtonite for guidance.

BRING: Your best Rocky Horror costume, a ticket to the Rocky Horror screening afterwords, a whistle, hash virgins, Rocky Horror virgins, cranium lamps if you’re a klutz in those stripper heels you’re wearing, and plenty of antici‚Ķ

PRE-LUBE: That flask you keep under your desk at work.

ON-AFTER: I dunno but there’s not exactly a shortage of alcohol on Pearl Street.




A – A


Go to the parking garage at 15th and Pearl in downtown Boulder. Go up to the top.

I will pay for the parking of one driver who commits to parking in the garage so we can stash stuff and beer in their car, because the hares will be arriving on bikes. Message Cummingtonite if you can be the shag wagon!

RU Cummingtonite

6262775655 (RU), 3037177994 (WB)