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It’s voting time! No, not the US elections, the Boulder H3 Mismanagement Erections! (Although you should really vote in the general election too. Fill out the ballot you got in the mail, register online by Halloween to get a ballot in the mail before Nov. 8th, or go to a polling center to register and vote in person all the way through Nov 8th.) This is picking who you want to help keep the hash going. See below for a list of the existing positions, or see the existing Mismanagement at

Nominations are open until the end of Friday, October 28th. All of the existing positions are listed below, to give you Nominate yourself or others for an existing position, propose and describe a new position, or move to eliminate a position by emailing or replying to the comment requesting nominations on the Facebook event for the elections.

Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 1st at 6:30 at the Outback Saloon. Voting in person while drinking a beer is more fun, but there will be information on voting by email if you can’t make it once the ballots are finalized.

Existing positions to fill:

  • GM / Grand Master / Hash Tyrant: Figurehead of the hash. Plans meetings, organizes events, delegates responsibilities.
  • RA / Religious Advisor: Leads / runs circle. Responsible for issuing down-downs and songs. In charge of the weather.
  • Hare Razor: Makes sure there’s a hare for each hash. Convinces people to sign up to hare, and reminds them about it when they sober up.
  • Hash Cash: Keeper of the cash box. Collects $ at trails, keeps track of what we have saved up, spends it on beer, schwag, events, etc.
  • Haberdasher: Makes sure there’s nifty BH3 schwag for us to buy, and sells it to us. Either designs it, or outsources that to 3rd world children for $5.
  • Beermeister: Keeps the hash in beer, maintaining a supply for circles and storing extras for future hashes.
  • Social Slut: Organizes occasional hash happy hours, drinking practice, and other non-trail opportunities for us to socialize and drink.
  • Hash Flash: Takes photos at hashes. Hopefully eventually shares them with us on the website…
  • Hash Trash / Hashtorian: Writes up and shares brief, silly, summaries of the most amusing things they saw on trail, whether or not they really happened.
  • Hash Nerd: Webmaster for, social media, etc. Makes sure we can find out when and where trail will be.
  • Songmeister: The one we look to for a note when we need to be saved from singing “They’re a hasher, they’re true blue…” yet again.