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08/12/2017 at 02:00PM


Rosamond Park – DTC Denver


Denver Full Moon Mismanagement


My dearest hashers. It is with a very warm heart, and a shit-eating grin, that I formally announce the first-ever Japanese Game Show Hash!!!

Note: This is a Boulder Date, but that’s cool, I promised a couple of playground checks to Amber Alert.

Second Note: There will be a page for this event, once Bend Over Becky publishes the damn thing.

Denver Full Moon H3 presents:

What is it?
• It’s a hash, but with team-based Japanese Game Show Challenges as part of trail

Why should I cum?
• Ok, let’s be serious for a minute, just you and us. We won’t say anything to anyone else about this conversation. But seriously, do you even hash?

This is going to take all of the parts of hashing that you love, and make them more ridiculous. We mean really, we’re taking it to 11. We’re going to take a normal hash, and then add Japanese Game Show obstacles/events. What on earth would be more fun than that? I know you had a pretty nice little Saturday planned, going to go to Home Depot. Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond if you have enough time.
We’re not going to twitter shame you, but if you don’t cum, you’re going to be as upset as Amber Alert when they closed the elementary school playground just out his back window

What can I expect?
• Ok, that is an actual fair question. We can’t give much out, because that would seriously ruin all of the fun. Here’s what we’ll tell you. It’s a pretty shitty trail put together by the Full Moon Mismanagement team (you know, those ridiculous fuckers who created the doggy-style check). We’ve spent over 3 months belly-laughing at ideas of things to have you do. So your expectations should be to:
o Run something that resembles a hash trail, but in teams, and do Japanese Game Show inspired (or something like that) challenges along the way.
o Need a change of clothes to go home
o Have a shit-eating grin that you can’t get off your face for a week
o Find glitter in places that it shouldn’t be for months

 Side note, we’ve budgeted $1000 for this hash, so we aren’t joking about the level of ridiculousness we’re bringing.

Will there be prizes?
• Fuck yes there will be prizes!

Will there be booze?
• I’m sorry, you’re no longer invited to cum.

Why do I have to Hashrego for this event?
• Lube ain’t cheap

What are the deets?
• Date: August 12, 2017
• Pre-Lube:
o The Dam Grille
o 8000 E Quincy Ave #1500, Denver, CO 80237
• Start: 2pm @ Rosamond Park
o 8051 E. Quincy Ave, Denver, CO 80237
o There’s a small parking lot at the park, but a huge parking lot across the street at The Dam Grille.
• Hash Cash: $15 if you register on $25 day of.
• What to Bring:
o Change of clothes to go home in
o Towel
o Bar of soap
o A vessel (we’ll likely be drinking from kegs)
o Swimming goggles are optional, but recommended. And no, there won’t be any actual swimming.

• What should I wear?
o It’s a Japanese Game Show Hash, so we recommend ridiculous and/or revealing. Just assume that whatever outfit you bring, this will be the last time you wear it.
o Bring a bathing suit for the last leg. Soap and towel also highly recommended (did I mention lube? There will also probably be a lot of body paint etc.)
o We’re going to try to provide an area to wash off at, but just in case, bring a couple of big jugs of water.

• Will I get any swag?
o That depends. We are planning on toe tags at a minimum, but if there are enough registrations, we’ll do a patch as well.

• Will I get herpes?
o Um, that depends on you, but there will be condoms, so we did our part.

• On-After:
o Also at The Dam Grille.

• If you have questions, or are just lonely, but definitely not looking for a good time (he’s Irish, and is a little sensitive about his small pee-pee), call 2×1 (814)954-2928


$15 by, $25 day of


A – A


Gay Socks, 814-954-2928