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BH3 #655 – Thirsty Thursday

What: BH3 #655 – The Inaugural Thirsty Thursday Hash! / House warm the sh!t out of Beano’s new place
Why: Because the Boulder hash is invading the Fort Collins hash on Saturday
When: THURSDAY, 27 September @ 6pm
Where: Every Boulder hasher’s favorite bar: The Dark Horse!
Hares: Beano +/- 1 co-hare
Hash Cash: $7
Bring: 7 dollar bills, A HEADLAMP – it will be dark out, a sidedish/dish of some sort
Trail: Short, A-B, complete with beer check(s) and kilted hare. The end will be a potluck, Beano will provide some Ethiopian deliciousness for the hounds so bring sides (vegetarian/fish dishes make Beano happy, and full, but most certainly is not required – just let me know if you need anything heated/cooked on site)
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Yes and yes
Hash Crash/DD: Limited hash crash, DD’s are always a good thing: do it.
D’Erections: Get your bum to Boulder and find Baseline and turn into the Mikey D’s/Sprouts parking lot (Baseline & 30th), behind those buildings is the Dark House
Map: Map!