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BH3 #654 – Rosh HASHanah

What: BH3# 654 – PrBoneMe's Rosh HASHanah (Jewish New Year hash) & On-after BBQ Featuring Pork, Mixed Fabric Shirts, Gay People, and Other Abominations

Why: Because Rosh Hashanah is just around the corner! (And because What Not to Hare was Anne Ho'leyn's the Tud'Whore's idea, and thus it should be her virgin lay.)

When: Saturday, Sept. 15th @ 6 pm

Where: 8th Ave & Kimbark St, Extreme Northeast Boulder (aka Schlongmont)
Map: Google "8th Ave & Kimbark St, Longmont, CO."

Hares: ProBoneMe & perhaps a co-hare

Hash Cash: $7

Bring: $7, virgins, your best yarmulke, a shofar, challah bread (holla!), names for She Who Is Hard to Name (if Just Alyssa is still a just), favorite form of Jewish guilt, more virgins, head lamp, whatever you need for the on-after BBQ.

Trail: Medium, A-A'. It's ProBoneMe, you know it's not a marathon.

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Yes so long as the dogs are friendly. One small part of trail is marked "no dogs allowed." You can risk it or you can take an alternate route. No unfixed studs at the on-after.

On-After: End-of-summer BBQ featuring cheap beer, some decent beer, soda, chips, hot dogs, burgers, and non-meat options for the veg heads. If you want to bring something to contribute to the BBQ, go for it. I'll have an extra cooler for perishables in the Shag Wagon.

Hash Crash: Limited space available, or bring a tent.

D'erections: From Boulder, take the Diagonal east to Longmont. Turn left (north) on Main Street/CO-287. Turn right (east) on 8th Ave. You'll see the school building on your left. There is plenty of street parking along 8th Avenue and Kimbark Street. There's also a parking lot in the school, but you probably want to avoid it.

Lost or lonely? Call ProBoneMe at 303.885.9606. Really lost and lonely and that bitch ProBoneMe isn't answering and you just need to find the damn on-in? Call Anne Ho'leyn at 303.579.7082.

Sat Sep 15 6pm – 9pm Mountain Time
8th Ave & Kimbark St, Longmont, CO 80501 (map)
Boulder H3 Client
Who – creator
Boulderhashhouse Harriers

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