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4pm Friday, January 21st to 10am Sunday, January 23rd


Trout Haven Lodge in Testes Park — 810 Moraine Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517


30 hashers pushing the boundaries of winter wilderness exploration, drinking abilities, glow stick usage, and general tolerance of one another. This lodge has 3 floors of kickassery overlooking our own pond and includes 2 well-stocked kitchens, laundry facilities, and a hot tub.


We’ll be doing things a little different this year. Since there is a big difference in spaciousness and privacy of each room, we will charge based on the accommodations of each. 

Here’s your step-by-step guide:

1) View this diagram of the rooms and their pricing (also listed below).

2) Pick a room (yes, a full room.. more on that later) and Venmo @boulderh3 the amount for the room and include the room number in the comment (see below or the diagram linked above). If you chose the Family Room (Main Level) or the Great Room (Upper Level), you just pay for yourself, not the whole room.

3) You’ve now purchased a full room. Now contact Pee Pee McFarts to let him know who will be staying in your room with you. 


There is not a flat rate this year (read above). We will update the Facebook event with what rooms are available, so be sure to consult that before paying. 

Below are the prices broken out by each floor and room (or you can view this diagram):

  • Garden Level (basement)
    • Recreation Room: $500 for the room (2 beds, 4 people) — SOLD
  • Main Level (first floor)
    • Bedroom 2M: $500 for the room (2 beds, 4 people) — AVAILABLE 
    • Bedroom 1M: $330 for the room (1 bed, 2 people) — SOLD
    • Family Room: $80 per person (1 king bed, 2 couches, floor space, 6 people) — don’t need to book the whole room — 3 of 6 sold
  • Upper Level (second floor)
    • Bedroom 1U: $550 for the room (2 beds, 4 people) — SOLD
    • Bedroom 2U: $300 for the room (1 bed, 2 people) — SOLD
    • Bedroom 2U: $300 for the room (1 bed, 2 people) — SOLD
    • Great Room: $80 per person (3 couches, floor space, 4 people) — don’t need to book the whole room — 2 of 4 sold
  • Not in the cabin, one night, etc.
    • If you are not staying in the cabin or are only coming for one day/night/whatever, the price is $60 per person.


As a a bonus, we will distribute some Hash Cash to fund the room themes. The owner of the 4-person rooms on each floor get to pick the theme. We will update the Facebook event with the info of who is in what room so you know who to contact with your bad ideas. 


A vaccinated body. If you aren’t vaccinated, fuck you.

Bring your own food! There are 2 kitchens stocked with kitchen supplies and equipment for all your cooking needs. Other than, warm clothes for a long trail that our drugged up hairs will inevitably fuck up, towels for hot tub or post-coital rub downs, a good attitude.

DON’t Bring

COVID! If you are like Truck Stop and believe that COVID leaked from a chance encounter with Beano’s Mom, then you can stay away. Truck Stop is a garbage person and Beano’s Mom a saint. If you are feeling sick, use your half-mind and stay home. We’ll send you pictures. 


Lost, lonely, confused? Contact or post in the Facebook event and we’ll do our best to give you useless answers.

Welcome Party
In 5 Minutes
Midnight Naked Hash
Optional racesit excursion in RMNP
Optional non-raceist ice skating & fishing
Mandatory Bloody Mary Bar
Main Trail hared by Cockbuster Video and Buck Nekid
In 5 Minutes
Midnight Naked Hash
Hangover hash & cleanup