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08/21/2016 at 04:00PM


Centennial Middle School Track


Southern Generositities and Cum Quick Cowboy


Hi, I’m Cum Quick Cowboy. If you’ve been dealing with Sudden Olympics Depression Disorder, you may be saying to yourself:

“The olympics are too racist!”
“I don’t like that the olympics aren’t in America.”
“NBC is broadcasting feces to my eyeballs.”
“None of those people are drunk enough.”

If this sounds like you, there is hope out there: Come out to the First Anal Boulder H3 Hash Olympics! At our olympics, there are no rings, but there are a lot of balls. Instead of getting held up at gunpoint, you get to drink beer! Unlike those other racists, all these events involve beer!

RULES: Form teams of six (6) half minds (remember, thats only 3 minds per team!). Use the Boulder H3 Facebook event for this hash to organize your team (if alone, post in the facebook event). Teams should try to wear similar colors. The most matching team will win a prize!

There will be between 1 and 10 beer-related (non)athletic events, in addition to a short trail. Events start around 4:69.

BRING: Your A-Game. ID for on-after. Your mutt if you must. Team (teen?) spirit! Balls and Bats. Tiny speedos. Hashit!

On-After at Outback Tavern on 28th


Parking is near the track. This is a school, and I don’t think there is an event there.




A – A


Hell No

Cum Quick Cowboy or (four-oh-four)268-7000