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What: Frozen Dead Guy Days Hash!
When: Sunday, March 9th at 11am
Where: Beautiful Nederland, Colorado. Meet at the Carousel of Happiness.
Hares: Pippi Dong Stalker
Hash Cash: $5 and bring your ID!
Bring: Your ID, clearly. Also, bring beads and boobs, virgins and dry socks. Please bring a used coffin, a tightrope, 3 small toadstools, Mardi Gras masks, and whatever you gave up for Lent.
Trail: It will be a total pavement pounder. Totally.
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Sadly, no to either.
Hash Crash/DD: There is a marvelous bus from Boulder to Ned, aptly called the “N” bus
D’Erections: Please come up early and hit up the pancake breakfast at the community center from 8-11am. Once you are in Ned grab a FDGD guide and check out the map to find the Carousel or ask anyone you see.