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01/27/23 at 02:00PM

39.93245° N, 105.27014° W

Whore’s Whisperer


Who-Beautiful women, ugly fellas, walkers, beer milers, Casa Bonita applicants, fascinating visitors, confused virgins, dogs wanting to be pet

What-A hash, a drinking club with a running problem, an adult scavenger hunt, a ____.

Where-39.93245° N, 105.27014° W

Why-Misery, merriment, fresh air, bad choices, to earn your future tux/gown time, good choices, evading loneliness, idiotic dedication, snowy mountain vistas

When-Meet at 2pm, hare out at 2:15pm, pack out at 2:30pm. Daylight and pleasurable temperatures are as scarce as shitty hares.

Hare-Whore’s Whisperer

Hash Cash-$7 cash or else Venmo @BoulderH3 using the friends/family/no fees option.

Trail-3.5-5 miles likely all on trails, bring microspikes and a cranium lamp

Dog Friendly-Sure

Parking-Street only probably?

On-After-Dark Horse Saloon, 2922 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO 80303,

*Please don’t drive impaired. Ask for a DD ahead of time, offer to DD, get crash space, or take an Uber/Lyft/taxi/public transport. Please follow CDC guidelines for Covid protocols, and if you don’t feel well, stay home and cuddle your canine or sex doll or Sex Doll. On-safety third-On!*