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What: Boulder Hash’s 700th R*n!!

When: 2pm on Sunday, April 27th

Where: Wapos Mexican Cocina 4929 N Broadway Boulder, CO 80304 (Mexican food, not Italian)

Hares: Just Jack and Pippi Dong Stalker

Hash Cash: Sucky sucky five dorra. There will be amazing haberdashery delights distributed to those who pay their $5. It’s worth cumming on this trail just for the swag.

Bring: This is a Rubik’s cube hash. Come dressed in a combo of the 6 colors of the cube: Green, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red. For instance, wear a green hat, an orange tie, yellow pinafores, a blue evening gown, and a red thong panty. There will be instructions about cubing at chalk talk and on trail. You will be able to get your favorite shirt back, but my recommendation is to bring things you feel comfortable giving to a new home. There will be no talk of how fast you can solve a Rubik’s cube – no one wants to hear that… nerd. Bring your ID.

Trail: A-A, no shiggy, your feet will stay dry, no hills. Maybe one beer check, maybe seven.

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Doggies may have to hang in the car for circle, but they will be stoked (and perhaps stroked) to r*n this trail! Babies are just high maintenance mini humans, if you want to care for them, bring ’em along.

Hash Crash/DD: There are buses that are just itching (you can get crabs from their seats) to be your tig ol’ bitties (DD).