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What: Race to the Altar Hash!  Chocolate Salty Balls and Love at First Lick with be getting Civil Unioned… Civil Unionized.. (Colorado Gay Married) on Valentine's Day!  Come and celebrate our last Saturday as single ladies!
When: This Saturday, February 8th, at 3PM.  That's right!  3!!
Where: Stazio Ball Fields in Boulder
Hares: Chocolate Salty Balls and Love at First Lick
Hash Cash: Five dolla!
Bring: Wear your finest civil unionization attire, bachelorette garb highly encouraged, tiaras, suits and ties, hawaiian shirts, coconut bras, mardi gras beads, a thirst for not so shitty beer, warm clothes, warmer socks, shag bag (there will be a shag wagon), vagina pariphenalia, penis pariphenalia (if that's more your thing), funny hats, and the newest shiniest shoes you can find; this is a formal affair after all.
Trail: A-B, shitty, shiggy, shaggy
D'erections: Google that sh*t.
Lost, lonely, late? Call L@FL-303.520.6925 or CSB-970.488.9290

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