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Greetings wankers!  With the costume season behind us, let's do something crazy and hash dressed up as our abnormal half-mind selves.  

What:  Just another no-theme shitty hash.
When:  11/9  @ 2:69PM (aka 3:09)
Where:  North Boulder Park.  Parking at the corner of Dellwood and 7th or anywhere around the park.  In true Amber Alert fashion, it's near a playground.
Hares:  Amber Alert and Cockchester
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: Virgins, a dead whore, your mom, new shoes, fleshlights, and an unquenchable thirst for shitty beer and inappropriate kilt lifting.
Trail: A-A   Absolutely no shiggy
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Dogs yes/Strollers no

Amber Alert

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Colorado Info:

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