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02/25/2023 at 02:00PM

Rear Chautauqua Parking Lot (off 12th, by the tennis courts)

Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick


Can’t figure out how see flour in the snow and prefer map-based navigation to find your beer in the woods? Looking to pre-lube before the annual Cardboard Robot hash? Need to go to bed early, before the Cardboard Robot hash and want to drink while the sun is still up? Come out for another Saturday of BoulderH3 Beerienteering!

RSVP by 10am (Facebook event, or email the hare) to make sure there’s enough beer/maps. Let me know the night before if you would like GF/NA options on trail.

THEME: Drink a beer, get a map. Use that map to navigate to the remaining beers, bringing your empties (or full cans, with a 2 minute time penalty) back to the start. Fastest time wins the trophy.

START: The rear parking lot at Chautauqua, over by the tennis courts. You can’t drive there from the main parking lot, you have to come up 12th St. from Baseline (or take the pedestrian path past the childrens’ playground).

BRING: Warm clothes, 0–3 compasses, extra map-reading skills to share with CC, the Megan.

ON AFTER: the Denver Full Moon Cardboard Robot Hash?