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05/18/2019 at 04:09PM


Buffalo Ranch Cross Country Course


Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick and R U Cummingtonite


Theme: Want to run away from people talking about Game of Thrones? Want to drink to forget that it’s all over tomorrow? Want to drink to forget your disappointment in season 8 so far? Just want to run, drink, and not give a wet slap about anything else? We’ve got something for each of you.

Bring: The Hashshit, a costume of your GoT alter-ego, a whistle, a map of Westeros, virgins, Buffalo wings and Ranch dressing…

Dogs: Sure, but it’s BYOD.

On-After: The world-famous Dark Horse (2922 Baseline Rd)




A – A


The first/northern parking lot at the Buffalo Ranch Cross Country Course. It’s the road heading south off Table Mesa Dr, just east of Table Mesa Park-N-Ride (but don’t take the bus-only onramp to 36), with the flagstone sign saying CU Boulder South. Follow the dirt road past a gentle curve to the first parking lot, before the tennis courts.

If you’re coming by bus (including the FF1 from Denver, hint, hint), it’s just a short walk over from the Table Mesa Park-N-Ride along that same road.

Weird Ball

303-717-7994 (WB) or 626-277-5655 (RUC)