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09/23/2017 at 03:00PM


North Broadway Boulder Valley Ranch Eagle/Degge trailhead


Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick


The autumnal equinox is on Friday, so Saturday will be the second day of fall, and our first hash of autumn. It’s time for another hash—this time with better beer than the Bum Wine Hash, and with more trail markings than the Beerienteering #3 Not-a-hash.

Bring: Do bring whistles, virgins, shiggy socks, pumpkin spiced everything, and Octoberfest costumes. No ID needed on trail, and you shouldn’t need a cranium lantern yet, but you might want appropriate clothing for a cooler circle or rain on trail.

Dogs: Sure
Strollers: Probably not




A – A


Not the Boulder Valley Ranch trailhead on Longhorn Drive, or the one where Beerienteering was last week. Just 500 feet along 36 north of the Broadway/28th St intersection, take a right on the dirt road of Broadway St. Don’t curve left back on to 36, but instead go straight and park in the unmarked roadside parking at the turn in the road, by the unmarked trailhead for the Eagle and Degge trails. If you really want an address for your GPS, 5601 Broadway St (the St is important) will take you slightly past the start—just stop before the gentle right turn on the dirt road.

It’s also easy to bike (just 500 ft on 36), or by bus you take the Skip all the way north to The Bustop Gentlemen’s Club and walk 1/2 a mile, crossing 36 at the Broadway light and medians.

Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick