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What: Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick and RU Cummingtonite’s Virgin Lay, Take 2.
When: 3pm sharp, Saturday November 23rd
Where: The office park at the east end of Walnut
Hares: Weird Ball Yank-a-Dick and RU Cummingtonite
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: dry shoes, headlamps, ID, grappling hooks, wirecutters, snow shoes, down coats, virgins for us to lay…
Trail: A–A’
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Dogs should be okay, strollers would struggle.
D’Erections: Head east on Walnut St, under Foothills Parkway, then go right when it dead-ends into parking lots.
Near 4750 Walnut St, Boulder, CO 80301,-105.240113
Contact: Lost on trail, show up late, or just lonely? 303.717.7994.
On-After: Housewarming at our new apartment in North Boulder, 8–11 PM. Address on the BH3 list, contact us, or ask at the hash.

IMPORTANT: Due to decreasing daylight and Reasons, this hash will start ON TIME. So please actually show up at 3 PM. 2:69 will be when the hares leave.