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What: BH3 #657 – Thirsty Thursday Pick-up Hash & Brewery On-After

***Bring head lamp, ID, and cash/credit for the on-after***

When: Thursday, October 25th @ 6 pm

Where: Far east end of Walnut Street, Boulder, CO. Park at the far end of the lot near 4775 Walnut St.

Hares: Numerous

Hash Cash: $7

Bring: Head lamp, $7, virgins, cute underwear, change of shoes (you never know), warm clothes for circle, a thirst for shitty beer followed by good beer, ID and money for the good beer.

Trail: Who knows? It’s a pick-up hash

Dog/Stroller Friendly: Probably

Hash Crash/DD: No hash crash, so bring a DD or don’t overindulge

On-after: Twisted Pine or Boulder Beer, whichever wins the popular vote and erectoral college

D’Erections: From Foothills & Arapahoe in Boulder, head west on Arapahoe. Make the first right onto 38th St. Turn right on Walnut. Cross under Foothills Pkwy. Walnut dead-ends into an office complex parking lot. Look for half-minds aimlessly wandering about and park near them.