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01/23/2021 at 01:00PM

Trails above Boulder

Pee Pee McFarts


Beerienteering a step by step guide, By Pee Pee McFarts

1)Mark yourself as going by Friday at 7 PM, or you won’t get a map or beer.
2)If you need non-alcoholic or gluten-free options, please let me know. I will accommodate this is an all inclusive event. IF YOU DO NOT ask for a non-alcoholic or gluten-free item, don’t take someone else’s item, this should not need to be said, but it needed to be said.
3) Find the Start location. I will post the start location Friday night or Saturday morning.
4)Make it to the start on time: Noon to 2:PM .
5)Venmo $7 to BoulderH3.
6)Start your GPS(or timer).
7)Drink beer! Pro tip: drink an Old Chub for a time bonus.
8)Learn how to read a map.
10)Drink beer!
12)Look at the map only to realize you are in the wrong location.
14)Drink beer!
15)Walk because running with all that beer hurts.
16)Pee in the woods, making room for more beer.
17-61) Get lost.
62)Drink beer!
63)Run, Walk, Stumble to the final beer.
64)Pass within 10 feet of the beer as you start cursing the hare
65)Wait for someone else to pass you and find the beer first.
66)Run way too fast for your level of intoxication.
68) …
69) Stop your watch.