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10/20/2018 at 03:00PM


Near Snoral & Lady Dayz’ Place in Lafayette


Snoral & Liza’s Lady Dayz


THEME — Also known as the Convention of Commerce (Fisheries, Boundary and the Restoration of Slaves), the Treaty of 1818 between the US & UK established a border along the 49th parallel from Lake of the Woods to the Stony Mountains (now known as the Truckstop Memorial Mountains) between US and Canada. Dress in support of the country/kingdom/colony (US, UK, Canada) you would have died for at the time.

BRING — A compass, a disdain for the downright foolish 1783 Treaty of Paris, a lack of knowledge of Lafayette’s geography, an argument for a stronger stance of the Oregon Country, which remained in joint control, and how that could have quelled decades of dispute leading to the Hudson’s Bay Company 11th hour policy in the 1830’s to exterminate all fur-bearing animals from the Oregon Country, a whistle.

OTHER — We’ll order some pizza afterwards. We’ve got crash space if need be (I’m looking at you, Cockbuster). Was Albert Gallatin the right choice by Monroe to represent the US in this matter? Dogs are cool but there may be a fence or two depending on your routes.




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The JUMP and the DASH will take you to the Lafayette Park-n-Ride from Boulder. That’s a mile from the start so either walk down or, if you play your cards right, I’ll come pick you up (call me).

All others, follow the Google Maps link to the grass filled park next to our apartment complex.

Lady Dayz