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Drinking Practice and Trivia Tonight

Because you love Mondays and hate trivia, come practice drinking and making fun of all the nerds that don’t get drunk while they play “yell out answers to dumb questions” with us. Trivia starts at 9PM at the outback saloon, so get there before then....
Defrosting Ded Dood Days

Defrosting Ded Dood Days

WHEN: 03/13/2016 at 01:00PM
WHERE: Nederland. A town in Colorado. Meet at the high school parking lot at the southwest end of the campus.

BH3 Summer Campout Planning – 3/8 @5:30pm

Come to Bru on Tuesday 3/8 at 5:30pm to plan the BH3 summer campout.  PS: Happy hour all day! Agenda: set a weekend and determine the location.  Also decide hash cash, kegs, haberdashery, etc.  If you don’t help us plan, you can’t...

Hash Story: Another Damn Mach Hash 2/28/2016

So there we were, following Mach on another trail, on a fucking Sunday no less. 95% of the pack, including the recently niptualed Tinys, had attended the Tiny Wedding up in Fart Collins to much rejoicing (and late night hot tub defacing). Now, the following day, we...