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12/17/2022 at 04:00PM

Iris Ball Fields

RU Cummingtonite & Closest Dick’ll Do


It’s Closest and Cummingtonite’s birthday (observed)! Yes, this will be a real trail. There will be Christmas lights! There will be hot drinks! There will be bitching about the cold! Put on a sports bra, lace up those running shoes, and don’t forget the ugly Christmas/Hanukkah/non-denominational-holiday sweater.

Bring: Cranium lamps, clothing to keep you warm, extra layers for circle (don’t say we didn’t warn you), virgins, holiday-themed hash songs, festive attire, a vessel that can hold a warm beverage if you feel like being fancy, the stupid clip-in bike shoes you wore on the bash because you forgot to bring real shoes to change into, whistles, cake???

Dogs: fine.

Pre-lube: Goo Shoe’s bash in Boulder – Mile High RIDE (11 AM, same start location)

On-after: Outback Saloon?


626-277-5655, 720-323-4760