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12/18/2016 at 02:68PM


Waterloo in Louisville


Safety Committee (sans Cockbuster)


Shine On is turning 69 this month…oh wait, she got that wrong… 68. This hash is in honor of her because, let’s be honestly yous guys, Shine On Harvard Moon is Boulder H3’s spirit aminal.

It’s gonna be hella cold Saturday so we will hash Sunday. When the temps go low, we get high. That being said, there will be drug’s on trail. Peer pressure to the max. Do it and you’re cool. Don’t worry, there will also be booze. Cool your jets.

Remember Shine On’s favorite line for circle: I poked them I stroked them. I rolled them up and smoked them. And the hares of dickey di-do hung down turn her knees.

Mach: Bring the fucking hashit for once. Don’t David Cockerfield us and make the hashit disappear.

Shine On-After is at Waterloo. It’ll be cold out and they’ve cleaned off their semi-covered outdoor space with space heaters for us. So bring stuff to bundle up and sit outside if you want more beers and food and stuff afterwards so we aren’t bothering the muggles indoors.

Get prepped by reading this article —




A – A’


Waterloo is a bar in downtown Louisville. There’s a bus you can take from Boulder (the DASH). Gonna be cold so we’ll meet in the bar so you don’t freeze because us stoners are late.

Safety Committee