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06/12/2021 at 04:00PM

Left Hand Creek Park

Mr. & Mrs. Snoral Dayz


THEME — Longmont theme. Don your favorite Shoes & Brews gear. Drive your lifted pickup truck loudly down an empty residential street. Disown Cockbuster as a local. Etc.

BRING — We never got to have a proper housewarming hash last year due to The Plandemic so we’ll have a little BBQ at our place afterwards. Feel free to bring a dish to pass and a compliment about our interior design skills or how I fixed the toilet (don’t worry about how it broke). If you want to drop anything off before the hash get at ya LLD — 585-687-8552

OTHER — Trail is A-A. Yes it’s a hash and all the marks have changed, so good luck. Does this mean we will have circle? God I hope not but probably.

D’ERECTIONS — If you want to come by foot or bike just ride the LoBo trail straight to the park. The BOLT gets you pretty darn close as well.