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What: Boulder hash #471
When: Saturday 11 May,  6pm
Where: Chautauqua park (parking along baseline and in the ‘hood)
Hares: Beano & Secret Hare
Hash Cash: $5
Bring: Dry Shoes/clothes (it’s been rainy), the award, virgins, your purdy little self, and your ID
Trail: A – A, on after at bar, restuarant, or casa de Beano depends on what I’m feelin’
Dog/Stroller Friendly: Probably not stroller, yes for dogs with leash
Hash Crash/DD: None planed
D’Erections: Map! ( ).
Hint: Take Baseline toward the flatirons, don’t go too far. (park entrance is just past 9th – on Grant to the Left…)