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Dust off your togas, it’s time to run around the Bolder Boulder!

What: BH3 1st Anal Toga Hash
When: Hares out at 9:00am (yes you read that right, it’s during the Bolder Boulder) Monday, 27 May 2013, Memorial Day!

Where: Safeway parking lot on 3325 28th Street.
Hares: Beano & Pippi Dong Stalker
Hash Cash: $5 (feel free to make a food like donation for the BBQ), also please RSVP so we know how much beer and grub to get.

Bring: Your finest toga. We recommend you bring laurels, figs, and virgins. Also bring the award, the bugle, and a thirst for beer at the ass crack of the morning. There very well might be a prize for the best attire.

Update: Bring your ID and if you bring a bag put it in the shag wagon since some jerks ruined all for fun for everyone.

If you are bringing grub let us know so that we can get it to the end.

Trail: A – B, there will be a BBQ at the end, so bring anything you’d like thrown on the grill and/or a side.
Dog/Stroller Friendly: No dogs please, Boulder’s already going to be a mess. No mini people in strollers… (Both pups and kiddies are not allowed in the Bolder Boulder race, so we have to be respectful…sort of.)
Hash Crash/DD: Bring a DD or sober up for the rest of the day as you bask in the sun.
D’Erections: Take foothills to Iris in order to avoid the road blocks on 28th and 30th st. MAP! ( )
Contact Info: Call Beano at 303 578 ARE U if you’re lost need info on the day of the hash. Email

Note: If you’re a r*nner you should hopefully be able have your cake and eat it too since the start time should give you enough time to finish and make it back to the start. Only, you’ll have to drink copious amounts to atone for your crimes.

RSVP below: