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It’s that time of the year again. Get plastered, stumble out of bed reach, get your sober friend to drive your sorry bum to some park, and reach for the first mimosa you see. All so you can do it all over a second time.
That’s right it’s time for the hangover hash! at the crack of noon January 2013!!!
What:  2013 Crack of Noon Hangover Hash – BH3#662
When:  January 1st at the Crack of Noon
Where:  Kensington Park between Martin St. and Lashley St on E Longs Peak Ave. in Schlongmont
Hares:  Beano & David Cockerfield
Hash Cash:  $7
Bring:  Your hangover, a shag bag (A-B Trail) and a whistle for lost hounds.
Trail:  Should be short-ish, A-B, orange juice and champagne will be provided at start/end along with tasty beer at the end. Beer checks? It’s Beano and Cockerfield, there will be beer checks.
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Yes and yes
D’Erections:  Map!
From Boulder: take the diagonal HWY and make a left onto 287. Make a right onto E Longs Peak Ave and find parking around Martin St.
From Denver: take I25 North and exit onto Ken Pratt Blvd. Make a right onto 3rd Ave and then a subsequent right onto Lashley St. Make a Left onto E Longs Peak Ave and find parking.