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Howdy wankers!  I think y’all know what’s cumming.  That semi-anal tradition (who doesn’t love semi-anal?) where I reveal the trails you don’t remember signing up to hare.  I’d like to thank everyone on the schedule for volunteering to sacrifice what little dignity you have left for the good of the Hash.  The beer gods shall surely Shitanya!  There are still a few open dates for those wankettes who were sleeping before the Hare Raiser found them.  Toga Hash anyone?


  • Amber Alert
Sat Feb 11 Bh3 #798 – 1/4 Cup & Aph Cock
Tue Feb 28 BH3 #799 – Mardi gras – Pippi and weird ball
Sun Mar 12 BH3 #800 Cockbuster Frozen Dead Guy Days with Truck Stop
Fri Mar 17 BH3 # Green dress PeePee McFarts and B.O.B.
Sat Mar 25 BH3 Just Ian (needs a co-hare)
Sat Apr 1 BH3 Cummingtonite and Weird Ball Wedding Hash
Sat Apr 8 BH3 – Cum Quick Cowboy
Thu Apr 20 BH3 – 420 hash – safety committee
Sat May 6 BH3 – Unnecessary Penetration and Mach
Sat May 20 BH3 Lady Dayz
Mon May 29 BH3 Bolder Boulder Toga Hash (Hares Needed)
Sat Jun 10 Tour de Colorado (Amber Alert and Male Slot)
Sat Jun 17 BH3 # – Hares Needed
Sat Jul 1 BH3 # – All american Trail (either this day or on the 4th)
Tue Jul 4 Trail all American cum stain
Fri Jul 14 BH3 Summer Campout!
Sat Jul 15 BH3 Summer Campout!