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**Special  Hash**
What: Pippi’s Birthday Hangover Hash

When: March 30th at 10:30am. I know it’s early. But I want you hungover, and I will feed you brunch.

Where: Parkside Park, Boulder, CO 80304 (Google it.)

Hares: The Birthday Girl and Amber Alert
Hash Cash: $5 (this will be a Bloody Mary and Mimosa trail. If you want beer, it will be abundant at the on after.)

Bring: Dry socks, a sixer of something to share at the on after if you are feeling friendly, virgins, inflatable animals, bubble gum, a miniskirt, old couch pillows, fold out seating, and lots and lots of sunshine.

Trail: It will be a fun trail filled with silly adventures and mayhem.

On After/Party: at Pippi’s house for a delicious brunch. (Walking distance from the start location.)

Dog/Stroller Friendly:  Sure.
D’Erections:  Get to Boulder, find Folsom Street. Go north until it becomes 26th Street. Look to your left after you pass Juniper, the park has rolling green grassy knolls, a jungle gym and basketball court. If no one is sleeping on the picnic tables, we’ll meet there.

If you are from out of town, *cough* CSB *cough*, I have crash space for the night before. And there is a party planned. So if anyone wants to come to the party the night before, let me know.

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