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Me Mee Meee!!!!!

Lacy things….the wife is missin’
Didn’t ask…..her permission
I’m wearin’ her clothes.
Her silk pantyhose.
Walkin’ around in womens’ underwear….

Get your hashmas songs in order for THE LAST BH3 trail of the year! Saturday’s evening trail (on 12/20/14) will start at 5:00 pm at Settlers Park in Boulder, Colorado!!!!

Location:  West end of Pearl Street at its junction with Canyon Boulevard. (The parking lot is on your right as you leave Boulder heading to Nederland).

Hares:  Brrrrgggghhhh and Cockchester

Time:  5 o’clock pm

Cost: five dolla make ya holla

What to wear:  your sluttiest Santa, elf or reindeer outfit.  Simply….anything to rival the best nudey pics of Beano’s mom.

Bring: Headlamp. Headlamp. Headlamp. A change of warm clothing.  And your singing voice!

Expect a relatively short trail.  “Relatively”. Prob longer than 2 miles and less than 12 miles.
Expect a public appearance of your boobs, cocks and ass.   And expect a fun circle filled with holiday cheer!

But WAIT!!! There’s MORE!!!!!

The On On On will be at the home of our lovely Cockchester, this year’s Beer Mile winner, Amber Alert, and their fearless protector, Moe! Please bring alcohol for continued debauchery. And, a hash gift for a pleasant white elephant exchange.  Lady Days: your collection of Beano’s mom pics are immediately disqualified.  No questions asked!

Also, if you’re coming to the On On On, it would be wonderful if you could bring some food to share with the kennel! Thanks Wanks!