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If you’d like to volunteer to lay trail please email the Hare Razor at
We generally Hash every other Saturday—late afternoon in warm months and early afternoon in cold months.

Post next trail*

Please only post Boulder hashes here. Check out the Colorado H3 site to see info for kennels across the state.

  • *This will automagically be posted to this website, emailed to the BH3 mailing list, tweeted to the BH3 Twitter within an hour of you submitting this form.
  • DO NOT CREATE A FACEBOOK EVENT. Facebook is weird and only allows group administrators to invite the entire BH3 Facebook Group to an event. So once this is posted on the website, one of the administrators will eventually create the event on Facebook if they aren't too drunk.
  • For help, email the Hash Nerd at
Keep this brief—save the detailed instructions for the D'erections and Google Maps URL boxes below.
Simply click where to meet on Google Maps then copy and paste the URL here.
THEME — Is there a certain theme/celebration/some third thing or are we just getting hammered?
BRING — Hashshit (who has it?), ID, food, booze, headlamp, virgins, Beano’s Mom, fleshlight, etc.
OTHER — Prelube, on-after, hash crash, dog/stroller friendly, turkey/eagle, funny story about your VD, etc.
Upload a photo to be associated with this trail.
Usually $7
D'erections, parking, carpooling, DD's, etc.
Preferably your Hash name, for obvious reasons.
Phone number(s) or email(s) of Hares.
reCAPTCHA is required.

Boulder Hash #752 – Saturday 10/24

Hello Everyone-Closest Dick'll Do has found a substitute close dick to be her co-hare. :)Who: Closest Dick'll Do and Just GrantWhat: Just HashHash Cash: 5$Where: Ebin G. Fine Park, BoCoD'erections: Do you really need these?! Its a popular place; you've been here...

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[BH3] Boulder Hash #751 – Fart Collins Invasion Pre-Lube

Greetings intrepid wankers! This Saturday some half-mind promised our sexy neighbors to the north that the Boulder Kennel would stage an invasion of their Alice in Wonderland Hash! But wait! The Hash gods have smiled upon us and that's not until 5:00. Which leaves...

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[BH3] BH3 #750: Pickup Hash

What: It's been a while since we've had a Pickup Hash, so lets throw one in on an off week. Just Jon and Weird Ball will bring the flour and beer, and we'll all make trail up as we go along. When: Sunday, October 4th, 4 pm. Where: The office park at the east end of...

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[BH3] another frikin hash #749

What: another frikin hashWhere: you will have to drive to this hash so keep that in mindyou will lose reception just around the time you think you are lost so write this downthe start is here:25 Switzerland TrailBoulder, CO 8030240°01'30.2"N 105°25'29.6"WD’erections:...

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[BH3] G4 Memorial Hash – Friday!

BFHHH #359 (maybe?)What: G4 Memorial HashTrail: A – A'Hares: Chocolate Salty Balls & ProBoneMe (with much assistance from Yeast Infection, Pig Pimp, Pod, Muffet, the Green Pussy, and others)When: Friday, September 11, 2015 at 6:30 pmPre-Lube: Odd 13 Brewing, 301...

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BH3 # 748: The Golden Hash / Be Who You want To Be

What: 1/4 Cup of Cock's virgin lay (It's about time you lazy fuck!) The Golden Hash! Get your tukus in a car and drive down to Golden for something a little different. The theme is: Be Who You want To Be (AKA your best impression of 1/4 Cup of Cock). Not dog friendly...

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Boulder BASH #2

What:  BASH #2   Boulder Hash #747When:  Saturday 8/22 @ 5:69Where:  World Famous Dark Horse SaloonHares:  Just Ben and HomoWreckerHash Cash:  $0 - Bring $ for trailTrail: I don't know if this is hash #747 or 746.5 because we're doing it...

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