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It took a while to get the info but here it is, so quick your yappin’

What:  BH3 #667 – 3rd Anal Green Dress Run
When: 16 March 2013 – Saturday
Prelube @ 1pm 
Trail “Starts” @ 2:30pm
Where:  Pearl Street Pub (1108 Pearl St  Boulder, CO 80302)
Hares:  PENO, Beano, and David Cockerfield
Hash Cash:  $5 for the end and cash along the way.
Bring:  Your finest green dress, $5, other cash, YOUR ID, your 21+ year old self, accessories, the best Irish accent you can muster up.
Trail:  Turkey Eagle Split type hash  ie Two Option Feature!
Option 1: Pub Crawl – now featuring more pubs and more crawls
Option 2: Hash for those overachievers – complete with O-R-G-Y starts and the best shiggy the pearl street area can offer.
Either option is an equal opportunity alcohol provider, just one you may be a bit more sweaty at the end…
On After/Party: at Cockerfield’s place (in cough schlongmonster cough) – again arrange DD’s please or contact the hare’s if you are having difficulties talking to people.
Dog/Stroller Friendly:  It’s a pub crawl, please leave them at home or with a responsible adult (definitely NOT Beano)
Hash Crash/DD:  Plan your DD’s accordingly, especially if you plan on making it to the on after
D’Erections:  Get to Boulder, then get to downtown pearl street mall area, now head to the west end of the mall by the Old Chicago (by 9th). You’ve found us! 
also MAP!
(link is genuine this time)
Special NOTE: the bars have stressed that they will not deal with under age people this day, so please leave your not-so-21-year-old at home! On the same thread, bring your ID – I’m looking at you Spermes!

ON ON and Erin go bragh

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