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What: Imagine you were Amber Alert running through a preschool playground…or Amber any day of the week. Now imagine you’re running through that same schoolyard, but all the children are of legal age! That fantasy is precisely what Saturday’s trail will provide. We can sure as sh*t promise you won’t get any smarter, and at least you can re-live those college days without the debt accumulation.


When: Saturday, 1/31 1:69


Professors: Mach 1.Whore, Self Service Truck Stop


Trail: Parking complex on east side of CU campus where Colorado and 28th St intersect.


Hash Cash: $5 worth of extra credit


What to bring: Clothing for typical CO winter weather, babes, lots and lots of roofalin, whatever the cool kids are doing, burn those damn Jack Johnson cd’s, deadly hazing rituals, Beano’s Mom’s pie (you know what pie I’m talkin’ about, ahhh yeaaaaa)


On After: Darkhoarse


D’Erections: Going west on Colorado Ave. Make a left turn on Regent Dr. and turn into the parking lot. You will see a tall parking structure. Go in it. We will be either on the top level or one lower depending on weather conditions.


Call 310-200-0330 if you get lost or if you’re looking for a good time.