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Friday, July 14 – Sunday, July 16



Check it out on Google Maps

  1. Get your ass to the intersection of Highway 287 and Poudre Canyon Road just northwest of Fart Collins
  2. Head west up Poudre Canyon Road for 51 miles
  3. Take a right onto CR 103
  4. Drive 8 miles on CR 103 (there are mile markers on the side o’ the road)
  5. Campsite will be just beyond mile marker 8–look for true-trail arrow signz

Estimated Driving Times

  • 2 Hours from Fart Collins
  • 3 Hours from Boulder
  • 3.25 Hours from Golden
  • 3 Hours from Denver
  • 4 Hours from Colorado Springs
  • 27 Hours from Intercourse, PA


Food, Vessel, Tents, Sleeping Bags, Sunscreen, Bug Spray, Toilet Paper, Poop Shovel, Firewood, Water, Ice, Headlamps (who said head…), Skimpy Outfits, Whistles



12-5pm | Arrival

6ish | Optional Potluck Style Wine & Cheese (BYO wine & cheese to participate)

Golden Hour | Pride Parade Welcome Hash by Blackout Mount and Pippi Dong Stalker

“Midnight” | Midnight Naked Hash by Weirdball Yank-A-Dick



“Morning” | Something slow moving and involving drug’s brought to you by the BH3 Safety Committee

2pm | Main trail by Liza’s Lady Dayz and Seman for Vegan

“Midnight” | Midnight Naked Hash by Amber Alert



“Morning” | *Hangover trail by Southern Generosititties and Cum Quick Cowboy

*Please note this “trail” will never actually happen. Sitting around and drinking likely will happen.


Beer, Woodsy Hashing, Campfires, Beano’s Mom, Moosen, Welcome Nudity, Unwelcome Nudity, Drug’s, Cold River Baths, Hanky Panky, Sunburn, The Tiny’s, Misbehaved Dogs, Sexy Park Rangers