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What:  BASH #2   Boulder Hash #747
When:  Saturday 8/22 @ 5:69
Where:  World Famous Dark Horse Saloon
Hares:  Just Ben and HomoWrecker
Hash Cash:  $0 – Bring $ for trail

Trail: I don’t know if this is hash #747 or 746.5 because we’re doing it on an off-week, but join Just Ben and HomoWrecker for our second BASH. And since you were dumb enough to let me plan the route, I can guarantee the shittiest of trails will be laid. So cum one, cum all, cum all over Beano’s mom. We’ll be hitting a few disreputable locations along the way so keep that hash cash to yourself. More unnecessary details to follow. BRING: Virgins, bikes, virgin bikes, bike lights, virgin bike lights, Spandex, helmets and jimmy hats.

-Just Ben