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What: BH3 Trail #669 – 69 Hash with special guest hare

Hares: 3Ball Jay, ManHandler, Cervical Headbanger and Guest Hare Tequila Cocking Bird aka Ms InterAm from Eugene H3!!!

When: SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY April 14th at 2:30! (Due to the high maintenance nature of Ms. InterAm she is insistant that you move your Hash to Sunday since she is doing something all day Saturday that rhymes with jerking but is not nearly as fun.)

Where: Youngfield Trailhead on the east side of Youngfield Street in Wheat Ridge, just north of Casey RV Center.  Trail will be A – B.  More than 5K but less than 10K.

Hash Cash: $7

Bring: Virgins, new shoes, a snorkel, an extra testicle, bbq tongs, a rectal thermometer, bicycle helmet, an appointment card for the free clinic, someone else’s underwear, a Thighmaster, ping pong paddles, Qtips, a new song, a spare liver, a spare virgin, a spare appointment card for the free clinic, limes for the Tequila Check, lyme disease vaccinations for the tic check, your heart medicine for the boob checks, mental floss for the dick checks and a flux capaciter so you can do it all over again! Leave your dignity at home bitches!!

Trail: Turkey/Eagle and the Turkey will be stroller friendly so bring someone to cart your drunk arse around

D’Erections: From Hwy. 70 take the Youngfield Exit (264) and proceed North on Youngfield past the Applejack shopping area to your right. One block past 32nd avenue will be our start location.